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Wayfair Sample Project

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Shopping List for Sarah's Living  Room

Budget: $ 5,000.00


For Living Room except brick:  Sherwin Williams SW 6634 Copper Harbor Interior satin

For White trim and baseboard, ceiling and corner vertical support, stairs: Sherwin Williams SW 7005 Pure White interior semi gloss


1.)  Qty 1 Brinson Sofa Genuine  Top Grain Leather White

      95"w x 40.5"d x 30.5 h, free in home delivery

      solid wood,   5 star rating,  SKU: W001243560                                                                                                                      $ 1,659.00

      Meets all fire and emissions standards




2.) Qty 1 Constantin Gold Cocktail  Table by Hooker Furniture

     17"h x 38"l x 38"d, Wood finish top. No assembly required, 5 star rating

     Gold foil with contrasting natural wood top.Free shipping. Collection # 5714-80                                                                $ 790.00 (sale)




3.)  Qty 1 Dash & Albert Black and Brown Cheetah micro hooked rug 6' x 9', 100% wool

       Additional 15% off for first time purchaser. $ 936.00 - 140.40

       Hand made, durable for high traffic areas. Free shipping.

       Five star rating. sku: CBGL1103                                                                                                                                                  $ 795.60




4.)  Qty 1 Wayfair Basics Hold Fast Gripper Carpet Pad PVC Non-slip Rug Pad 6'x9'                                                                  $ 27.99

      sku: W001429208



5.)  Qty 4 Wayfair Custom Blackout  52"w x 95"l Bethel Ivory  Curtains with Tab Top                                                                  $ 353.68

      sku: WCCT1000


6.) Qty 1 Giato Adjustable Drapery Rod and Hardware Set 84"-120" long                                                                                     $ 75.99

     sku: UBNT1602



7.) Qty 4 Melvina Upholstered Seat Guest  Chairs white 33.5"hx 18.75"w x 21.5"d

     4.5 star rating; lots of addditional colors. White leg.

     Free shipping. $ 90.99 ea. (sale) sku: AOOO675408                                                                                                                   $ 363.96


 8.)  Qty 1 Wrought Studio Deer Head Wall Decor white and gold

      43" h x 35" w x 18.5" d. sku: WOOO430223. Free shipping                                                                                                        $ 56.99                                                                                                                                                                                                     


9.)  Qty 1  Birchlane Artwork 4 pcs framed print set  "Vestige I" by Inspire Studios                                                                     $ 184.00

      Each piece 21" h x 17" w" x 1"d with gold frame PRG3814 20% off first order ($ 45.99)

      Code: MAYSAVE19. Hardware included. 5 star rating.


10.) Qty 1  Birchlane Artwork 4 pics framed print set  "Vestige II" by Inspire Studios                                                                  $ 229.99

        Each piece 21"h x 17" w x 1"d with gold frame sku: PRG1855

        Hardware included. 5 star rating.  



11.) Qty 1 August Grove Ghore Full Length Mirror with Distressed Matte Gold frame 65.5" h x 30.5"w                                     $ 214.99

        Five star rating. Free shipping. Hardware included, installation available. sku: AGTG5688



 12.)  Qty 2 Millwood Pines Tryon Black and White Lumbar Pillows @ 38.99 ea                                                                            $ 77.99

         13"h x 21"w. Silk and Cotton Blend, insert included. Free shipping. sku: MLWP2192

          Five star rating



13.)  Qty 1 Mercury Row Steven Throw Black 50"w x 60"l . Washable. Add shipping to client.                                                     $ 40.00

         Five star rating. sku: WOO1149433

14.)  Qty 1 Distinctive Designs Waterlook Tulips in Glass Cylinder Vase Red- Orange

        sku: DSD2103   Five star rating. 24" h x 31"w x 29" d. Clear glass vase 6"hx6"w.                                                                 $ 185.99





             Total Budget:                                                                                                                                                                              $ 5,056.17       








Final final final layout FINAL copy.jpg




 Sarah's states she wants her place to upgrade her place and  look more sophisticated and less drab. She loves bold color, gold accents and animal prints,  but doesn't want it to look cluttered. She wants anything but neutral, without the overall design looking

cluttered or funky.  Her style is GLAM.

Sarah's shopping list includes: paint, a new sofa, additonal seating for entertaining, coffee table, window treatment, decorative accesssories, art/wall decor, a new rug, pillows and a throw.


I decided to use a bold, on trend color that complimented the brick and set the stage for the rest of the furniture. It made the room look modern and up to date, but still tied to its traditional architecture.  I picked a slightly earthy one that wasn't too vibrant but would make the other furniture really pop. I wanted to use traditional element and contemporary ones with just the right balance to embrace the traditional interior architecture but create a space for a young, sophisticated professional woman. I added a new trim color, which is optional for stairs, baseboards, and the vertical elements in the room. 

Electric Fireplace

After painting, I would suggest Sarah move the electric fireplace into the living room as show on the floorplan. This will help create a cozy focal point. 

Space Plan and Accessory Layout

I found a beautiful, quality 95" white top grain leather chesterfield with lots of detail to start. The traditional styling works well with the interior brick wall, but done in white makes it very updated as well as "glam". I chose a cheetah inspired wool rug to anchor it against, again with hints of warmth in it from the walls, and the black in the electric fireplace. I centered both in front of the black, white and gold fireplace.  One unknown is: is there a TV in this room? Normally I would have had this on my immediate checklist of questions, but since I don't have that option, I decided  "yes" as most people have one in the living room and so I left the space above the fireplace available for a TV hung on the wall. On the space next to the TV by the door, I put a contemporary deer's head in white and gold, but if there's no TV Sarah can hang this over the fireplace.


Sarah's balcony sliding door means that only the right side is a functional exit out to the balcony. I decided to use the left side space to provide her the extra guest seating she is lacking, while leaving her more than enough space for people to flow through the right hand door and out back to the dining area.  I found a 9 ft extendable rod in white and gold accents. I made suggest Sarah consider " black out" curtains  in white, in case there is a television in the room or it's very bright at times (yet another question for checklist). I would suggest these should be mounted 1" off the floor so she can easily push them all to the left when the door is open, or with 4 panels she can keep them open in the center when not using the door, or whatever combination she likes to control light.  I chose white linen like fabric which will create a pulled together simple sillouhette when closed and open the room up.  With this curtain rod she can also decided to extend the drapery in the future to almost cover the entire wall. I would suggest she also paints this wall in the Copper color.


The fabrics I suggest are meant to have a rich sense of texture against each other, and be of good quality exuding sophistication. On the wall above the sofa are two set of four framed abstract prints in gold and white, which will also look very elegant against the earthy orange, but are very relaxing abstract subject matter with subtle imagery so as not to distract but to make the eye flow around the room. I think they will make the room look bigger rather than one large piece of art and have flexible arrangement abilities.  

The coffee table is where I decided to really finish the "glam" style; contemporary and a statement piece.  A  wood veneer top  will play very well against her wood floors. Everyone has enough leg room (at least 18" or more) and plenty of space to sit, giving her seven seats. Each chair brings a trending, young stylish edge to the room and has white legs so as not to distract from the gold accents, and an upholstered seat for comfort.


Accessories are a bouquet of tulips popping some  bold color accents in again and some beautiful woven silk lumbar pillows with textured threads, and a big black faux fur throw to cozy up in front of the fireplace, it too with lots of textured levels. The final touch was a large, vertical contemporary distressed gold mirror on the wall  to provide the illusion of more horizontal space in her room and bring in the light when the curtains are open, bouncing around the room; also a great place to do her last clothing check before heading out.

Thanks for reading about this design!

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