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Get Your Design on 2021-22
You've probably heard interior design is easier than ever. Now you are in control of reviewing your options, and don't have to travel to appointments or navigate letting the designer have access to your home or project at incon-
venient times.

Designers have already been using virtual technology to work on large global projects;  what used to take months can now take a fraction of the time using digital design concept  boards.

Now you can work with an interior design team and visualize your project design down to the last detail.......without ever leaving your home or office.
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I offer in person and online design services.  Get your choices delivered to your inbox to review when and where you want.
Welcome to my Virtual Design Studio!

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Interior Design Concept Board

E-Design How to Begin

Just fill out the contact request form. You will receive a reply within 24 hours to set up a voice or video call.   If you are a business and need additional services just let me know! I have extensive commercial design experience.

Client Profile Review

Simply choose a time for a scheduled call , at your convenience, from wherever you are in the world.  Initial calls are free and are followed up with quotes for the services you require.


Preparing for Your  Appointment

Send me some pictures of your home or office  from your phone.  If you've got favorite looks you've seen online, send those too.  My mission is to make this as fun and collaborative as you want it to be! Choose a personal walk through or an online walk through.
Think about what issues you have with space, flow and function and what you would like on your wishlist, then send that too. 

Send me your floor plan or room measurements. Be sure to note any built in furnishings like fireplaces or bookshelves. Don't forget to measure the wall height to the ceiling. Notate where your windows are. 
Now email your information and pictures.  I'll review and send you a quote!


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After you review your quote options, and choose a plan to fit your budget I will send you a link to a E-Design Concept Board

Digitally tailored to your profile and budget, you can post your own ideas, comments and questions while we share your design development.  Once you decide on your final picks, I'll send you your shopping list of items from your favorite websites or looks. My studio also offers in home consultation, delivery and installation, project management and space planning services for larger projects

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